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[] Re: license file checking


Isn't it possible in theory that some component would ship at an earlier
date than Europa ? And thus the date check be doomed anyway ? 
Sure, that's why I asked for exceptions. If there are exceptions I can just add them to the checker tool code. Clearly the automated tool is just a tool, not a final and definitive statement.
And what if Europa slips into July... are you asking all
components to re-contribute to fix the legal notices ?
No way! That would be awful.
If considering the rule for updating copyrights in individual source files,
only when a file is changed, the copyright needs to be updated.
Following the same rule, it seems that the legal notices should be
incremented only if a more recent contribution was issued (on a per
component basis);  
This seems reasonable - I will add this to my list of questions to discuss with Janet.
Now, as for individual
copyright notices, do we need the actual day in the date ? or simply a year
? we could then simply upgrade our legal notices to 2007, and be fine for
3.3 ?
Also a good question for Janet - stand by for the answer.

- Bjorn

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