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Re: [] Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] IMPORTANT: Europa RC2 build FAILED due to license file checking


Isn't it possible in theory that some component would ship at an earlier
date than Europa ? And thus the date check be doomed anyway ? Or are you
asking each component to align on Europa rather than its own (tighter)
schedule ? And what if Europa slips into July... are you asking all
components to re-contribute to fix the legal notices ?

If considering the rule for updating copyrights in individual source files,
only when a file is changed, the copyright needs to be updated.
Following the same rule, it seems that the legal notices should be
incremented only if a more recent contribution was issued (on a per
component basis); and only requirement would be that the date is greater or
equal to the last piece contributed inside. Now, as for individual
copyright notices, do we need the actual day in the date ? or simply a year
? we could then simply upgrade our legal notices to 2007, and be fine for
3.3 ?

- Philippe

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To clarify, I was just responding to Ed's earlier comment that the Europa
build could possibly update the dates in the files.  My point that was that
if the bundles were signed, updating the dates by the Europa build would
not be possible because it would invalidate the signature.  Of course,
updating the files in CVS would be fine :-)


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As the requirement isn't for injecting dates into files, I'm not sure what
your point is? The requirement is that the dates in the files, for Europa
or non-Europa, be correct according to the legal documents the Eclipse
software is released under. That will require changing the files in your
CVS or SVN repository: the input to your build.

- Bjorn

Kim Moir wrote:
As an aside, injecting dates into files by the Europa build would
invalidate the signature of signed bundles.
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