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Re: [] Agenda for 5/23 Europa call

There's nothing wrong with having your bits done early. Yes, I put a little extra slack at the end in case we needed to re-spin builds for whatever reason. If we need to have an RC5 that week to pick up your last bits, I'm ok with that. Of course if your bits cause breakage, then we'll just drop them and retreat, but with your high quality C-powered bits, how could there ever be a problem? :-)

One question I do have. When we did the CDT plan a few months ago, we had targeted June 22 as our final build date with bi-weekly RC builds starting at the end of April leading up to that, thinking that was plenty of time to make the Europa end date of June 29. Looking at the Europa schedule, I see now that we are planning the last RC for June 20. I’m not sure what all the extra time between the final build and Europa release on June 29 is supposed to be for. The mirrors only take a couple of days to update. Or is this built-in slack?

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