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RE: [] Agenda for 5/23 Europa call

Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to make the call as I have to take my son to the dentist.


As for the status of the CDT, we’re all working hard with lots of testing and bug fixing going on. From the bugs that have flown by, nothing is really critical at the moment and we’re really just cleaning up.


One question I do have. When we did the CDT plan a few months ago, we had targeted June 22 as our final build date with bi-weekly RC builds starting at the end of April leading up to that, thinking that was plenty of time to make the Europa end date of June 29. Looking at the Europa schedule, I see now that we are planning the last RC for June 20. I’m not sure what all the extra time between the final build and Europa release on June 29 is supposed to be for. The mirrors only take a couple of days to update. Or is this built-in slack?


This is CDT’s biggest release and we opted for a two month RC cycle (which is longer than the Platform RC cycle, BTW) to make sure we release with quality matching our feature content. I don’t think I want to tighten up that plan at this point, even by a couple of days.



Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead,

From: [] On Behalf Of Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2007 12:14 AM
Subject: [] Agenda for 5/23 Europa call



  • We're trying to roll out Europa RC0 - Bjorn is trying to find a work-around for pack200 / digest / update manager bugs
  • Then we're supposed to be working Europa RC1 this week. The +1 day is 5/23 (will be "today" on the call). The +2 date is Friday.
  • After that is  1 1/2 weeks of RC2. And then one week for RC3. And so on. The schedule is tightening down and there are still a disappointing number of obvious bugs that even a keyboard monkey like myself can find.
  • Because we are moving rapidly into the end game here where quick turn around on problems and fixes is essential, I need to be able to contact all the relevant project leads and release engineers. The Threat: I've said this before and I'll say it again: Europa will be going out on-time even if it has to exclude some +2 projects. In other words, if there is a build problem at the last minute and I do not have a way to contact the build engineer and/or the project lead to remedy that problem, I will remove the broken project(s) (just as I did tonight, removing DTP from RC0a because DTP broke the build). Thus please send me the contact information (mobile phone, email address, IM handles, skype handles, the whole nine-yards) for the person who will be responsible for the next month and a week.
    • Please email these contact details to me in a separate message - please do NOT reply to this email message because if you do you will broadcast those personal details to the world and they will be published for spammers in the mail archives.
    • Please resend this information to me if you think I already have it. Better safe than not in Europa, eh?

Cross Project Testing:

  • David did some initial testing and found some bugs with WTP.
  • I did some quick load-and-click testing with all the projects loaded and found more bugs.

Bugs: in addition to your project specific bugs, these are fairly obvious fit-and-finish bugs with loading individual or groups of projects:

  • 186506 - WTP feature pre-reqs
  • 187975 - Two version of installed feature
  • 188375 - Very slow response time in update manager
  • 188518 - Buckminster doesn't install from Europa update site
  • 188519 - STP doesn't install from Europa update site.
  • 188520 - DLTK start-up error
  • 170160 and 188523 - Mylar and JST PageDesigner shortcut key conflicts
  • 188524 - Mylar error on startup
  • 188525 - ECF help system stack dump
  • 188526 - Eclipsemonkey activation errors
  • 188527 - TPTP activation errors
  • 188535 - UML2 activation error
  • 188536 - JDT Debug activation error
  • 188539 - CDT cheat sheet activation errors
  • 188540 - Modeling cheat sheet activation errors
  • 188546 - RSE help files missing
  • 188548 - Platform help file missing
  • 188549 - WTP/JPT help files missing
  • 188551 - AJDT help files missing
  • 188553 - Platform keyboard shortcut conflicts

and our old friends:

  • 187396 - jarPackager creating zero length files and other corruption although I've installed various work-arounds in the Europa-matic (it how edits the digest.xml to fix the missing space and it deletes zero-length gz files; hacks, but it's the best I can do)
  • 187979 - a related issue with corrupted packed files

Other statii:

  • Janet feels 85% confident that all the known IP issues can be resolved prior to the release date. That's good news.
  • The packaging project status is unknown. Their newsgroup doesn't say much. Their mailing list doesn't say much. Their web page doesn't say much. There's a proposal for a download page that includes packages but I'd say it's 50-50 at best that there will be packages.

Interesting facts:

  • Help has 37 top-level entries in the table of contents.
    • They are not alphabetized and many do not have an obvious user context. For example "Using the Managed Agent Explorer" isn't going to make much sense to a user unless they already know what a Managed Agent is.
  • I didn't see any obvious conflicts in context menus, i.e., no duplicate "Run.." menu items or such. There are a number of somewhat confusing items in the context menus - perhaps they make sense when the Europa projects are loaded individually but when they are all loaded together the inconsistencies show up.

Must dos (Mn) and should dos (Sn):

  • (M4) STP is not using four-part version numbers
  • (M9) We haven't taken names on the calls, but many projects have not been showing up for the (brief) Europa coordination calls.
  • (M11) Send the release engineer contact information to Bjorn (bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx)
  • (M14) AJDT, Buckminster, CDT, and GEF are missing ramp down policies on the wiki page.

I urge everyone to work on testing their project with all the projects loaded.

- Bjorn

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