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Re: [] Latest Europa build results - CDT, Corona, STP, WTP still have red results


Regarding incremental roll-out of the milestone builds by +0, +1, +2 ...

I think the simultaneous release should appear simultaneous in its milestones, as well as in its release.  Otherwise, users will find new versions of only some of their features and will make multiple trips to get the milestone.  The update manager has this handy automatic search for updates that shouldn't actually find updates too frequently, IMO.



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Re: [] Latest Europa build results -        CDT, Corona, STP, WTP still have red results

M4, or at least a semi-working version, has been rolled out to the Europa update site already (yesterday). If we can get the build to go green today, I'll roll another version out. After that, I was planning to wait a week to roll the next version out.

However, this brings up a question that I don't think we ever solved last year -- should I roll the +1 and +1.5 and +1.N staging results out to the released update site as you all add your files (and I build them), or should we wait until the +2 date?

Doug Schaefer wrote:

When do we cut off M4 and start M5? I’m ready to call M4 a great exercise but I don’t think it makes sense to release it now with M5 supposedly ready in a week or two, and most of the community already on the M5 platform.

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