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Re: [] Latest Europa build results - CDT, Corona, STP, WTP still have red results

M4, or at least a semi-working version, has been rolled out to the Europa update site already (yesterday). If we can get the build to go green today, I'll roll another version out. After that, I was planning to wait a week to roll the next version out.

However, this brings up a question that I don't think we ever solved last year -- should I roll the +1 and +1.5 and +1.N staging results out to the released update site as you all add your files (and I build them), or should we wait until the +2 date?

Doug Schaefer wrote:

When do we cut off M4 and start M5? I’m ready to call M4 a great exercise but I don’t think it makes sense to release it now with M5 supposedly ready in a week or two, and most of the community already on the M5 platform.

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