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RE: [] Europa CQs 01.11.2007.xls

Hi Janet and all,
first of all thanks for all your hard and diligent work ensuring we have clean IP
at Eclipse! I have sent you the editied spreadsheet for directly.
But let me also say that I'm sort of alarmed by the fact that the cutoff date for 3rd
party contributions (are these any non-committer contributions?) is Jan.31st for a
release targeted end of June. It made me add a "virtual" contribution that has not
been filed yet due to internal reviews at IBM but that we'll definitely need for Europa.
Taking into account that one of the contributions from us in the queue is a plain-EPL
contribution of newly written code from Montavista, and this has been waiting for
2 months now, I'm fearing that we are threatening community contributions away,
thus becoming an elitary club rather than real community. Such contributions are
written and donated in good spirit, trying to help - and then we just cannot accept
them due to lack of resources. Is there a bottleneck? How does that compare to
other Open Source initiatives like Apache or Sourceforge? Is there a problem
with the model we have for contributions and, especially, redistribution
of 3rd party IP in the form of libraries?
The other thing that's alarming me is that it looks like a good deal of the hard-felt
work of our IP experts is getting the management of those items in the queue
that just can't be finished quickly -- work time that's so much needed.
I'm not blaming any of you faithful folks from the IP department, I'm sure that
all your diligence is very much needed and you're doing your very best to be of good
service. But it feels like there's a desperate need for good ideas how to improve things.
Perhaps it would help to find ways how we can better leverage and pull 3rd party
libraries out of their native homes at runtime rather than investing so much time
into finding out whether we can redistribute them ourselves? - Anybody with
good ideas please speak up!

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member


From: [] On Behalf Of Janet Campbell
Sent: Friday, January 12, 2007 11:04 PM
Cc: 'Anne Jacko'
Subject: [] Europa CQs 01.11.2007.xls

In preparation for the upcoming Europa release we are soliciting your feedback so that we can better understand your needs and relative priorities.  Attached you will find a spreadsheet that has a list of all unresolved IPBugs that have been submitted by projects identified as participants in Europa on:  


I'm asking each project to indicate for their project only - (i) whether the requirement identified in the IPBug is required for Europa, and (ii) the relative priority of each of the IPBugs requested.  Please include your response in the spreadsheet attached and reply to me with a copy to emo@xxxxxxxxxxx.


We will do our best to get through the IPBugs you identify as requirements for Europa in time for the release.  In order to make this process manageable however, we will have a cut-off of January 31st to have IPBugs eligible for consideration.  IPBugs submitted after January 31st will not be eligible for inclusion in Europa.





Janet Campbell

Legal Counsel & Manager, Intellectual Property

Eclipse Foundation Inc.

Phone:  (613) 224-9461, x.229 (GMT -5)

Fax:  (613) 224-5172

Email:  janet.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxx

Alternate email:  janet@xxxxxxxxxxx





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