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[] Planning Council Agenda for Jan 23 v2

Planning Council Members,
Here's a second draft agenda for our face-to-face meeting in San Francisco on Tuesday January 23rd. We are meeting in the Sandpebble DE room of the Hyatt Burlingame near SFO.

7:30am - continental breakfast and email
8:30am - morning session start
9:45am - email break
11:00am - email break
noon - lunch and email
1pm - afternoon session start
2pm e- mail break
3:30pm - email break
evening all Councils group dinner in the Sandpebble E room

Agenda Items
1. The Europa CQ prioritization process defined by Janet and the January 31st hard deadline for submitting new CQs for Europa.
2. Europa schedule and rules review, i.e., review the wiki page and verify again that all projects can meet the deadlines and conform to the rules
3. Europa coordination issues in general. One issue to revisit again is Java 5 and what features are going to be supported by each project when running under 1.4.
4. Discussion of recommended practices relating to version support and dropping old versions. As our projects gain maturity, this issue will become more important and I'm sure there is lots of experience amongst the Council.
5. Internationalization of Eclipse projects (most importantly the Platform) and the withdraw of IBM leadership in this area.
6. Report from the Orbit team on adoption of Orbit and issues.
7. Planning Council contribution to the Roadmap (called the Platform Release Plan). Each project is responsible for its own project plan; these plans will be aggregated into the Planning Council contribution to the Roadmap. Note that the Roadmap is an important document because the Bylaws prohibit the EMO from approving any project plans and releases that do not conform to the Roadmap [1]. Thus it behooves us to write a good Roadmap so that our projects can all continue without Bylaw-induced conflict.
8. Further discussion and understanding of the Board resolution:
  • RESOLVED, that the Board directs Management to ensure that each 
    Eclipse project's website:
       a.       conforms to common user interface and navigation guidelines 
                to make user navigation of our project sites less difficult; and
       b.      must comply with the Incubator branding for all projects in incubation.
9. Discussion of testing and testing frameworks - how do projects do testing today and is there interest among the projects for shared infrastructure to run their project-specific tests against (a subset of) the configurations supported by the Platform project? Tim explains that today we have a situation where a combination of platform developers and 3rd parties (e.g., the BEA JRockit team) collectively certify the platform acceptance suite, but ignore all the other projects. These other projects typically do not have the time, money, or hardware resources to independently certify themselves against these hardware-os-app server combinations and thus reply on a combination of developers using popular platforms and luck. WTP would benefit from and spend time to run its tests on different configurations if there were hardware/OS setups available to do that.
10. Discuss ideas for the next committer-centric workshop (continue the success of the build workshop). One suggestion has been for a workshop around update manager/installer/provisioning issues. With a workshop this spring, we cannot effect change for Europa, but we might for Chiron (or whatever the 2008 release is).

Additional Items
While we have a relatively full agenda, there is always room for additional useful discussions, so if you have an agenda item, please send it to me or to the mailing list.
Bjorn Freeman
Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Director, Open Source Process
Eclipse Foundation
voice:  971-327-7323 (pacific time)
email:  bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx

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