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[] Reviews and the EMO on GitLab

Greetings Eclipse Committers.

FYI, the Eclipse Foundation will be shut down for the entire first week of August (2-6). During this time period, the EMO IP Team will not process CQs and responses to email requests to the EMO, EMO IP Team, and EMO Records teams will be delayed.

When you need to engage in a review of some form, or otherwise need assistance from the EMO with the Eclipse Foundation Development Process, the best way to connect with us is via emo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (emo@xxxxxxxxxxx also works). 

The EMO is moving our issue tracking to use the Eclipse Foundation's new GitLab infrastructure. Our primary repository for tracking issues is the "EMO" repository. Generally, the EMO team will create issues against the EMO repository, but you can engage us by opening an issue if you'd prefer (there are several templates; don't worry about getting it exactly right). 

If you get a notification to join in on a discussion that's happening on an issue in that repository, please do engage with us. Note that there is an option in the right side bar on an issue page that you can use to control notifications.

One of the things that we're using issues on our GitLab repository for is to track release and progress reviews. As I discussed in a previous note, the EMO is experimenting with automatically initiating annual progress reviews. Our thought is to start these reviews with some initial exploration of the project's state, then engage the project team to mitigate any issues that we discover, and ultimately engage with the corresponding PMC to share what we've learned and ask for their input into the process. Note that following the completion of a progress review (as it is with release reviews), the project team can engage in releases without further ceremony for an entire year.

We're still experimenting with this. We've completed a few of these experimental progress reviews and have a few more that are underway. We're not soliciting volunteers at this time, but if we do reach out, please do engage with us. In the meantime, if your project is due for a review, please engage us as described in the Eclipse Project Handbook.

Our intention with this experiment is to help project teams operate in alignment with the Eclipse Foundation Development Process, but otherwise to get the EMO of the way and let you get on with doing what you do best. Note that we're also investigating some options to reduce the level of required committer engagement in the intellectual property due diligence process. More on this later.



Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation

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