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[] Eclipse Infra Status

Greetings Eclipse committers,

Just a few updates that may be worthy of your attention:

Infra maintenance - stay up to date!

You can follow @Eclipse_Status on Twitter, or to be informed about outages, incidents and maintenance on the Eclipse infra.

EclipseCon 2021 Schedule

The EclipseCon 2021 schedule has been posted:

EclipseCon 2021 is an online event again this year. There is no registration fee for EclipseCon 2021, although registration is required to attend.

Useful mailing lists to subscribe to

Here are a few useful mailing lists you can subscribe to:

incubation: Discussion topics for projects new to Eclipse (

cross-project-issues-dev: Topics that span projects, or cross-project collaborationi, infra topics, build tips, etc (

cbi-dev: The Eclipse Foundation's Common Build Infra (Jenkins CI), build tips, best practices, How do I?, etc (

There are likely others. The complete list is here:

Build cluster improvements

We've been making some improvements to the k8s build cluster behind over the summer. Our hopes are to reduce your build times, improve the platform stability and help with build time consistency. shutdown plan

If you're still relying on for some work tasks, please make plans to migrate those tasks elsewhere (such as your CI system) as we will be decommissioning the venerable server soon. Follow along here:

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.



Denis Roy

Twitter: @droy_eclipse

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