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Re: [] GitHub Actions CI Jobs

However, free resources for Open Source projects are generally generous in the beginning and then get restrictions at some point.

I 100% agree with this and I think that GitHub's strategy is very clear (Pipelines, Packages, Discussions, etc.). They are trying to monopolize every aspect of Open Source and they are doing a great job (IMHO).

However, like it or not, GitHub is where developers are and where open source happens. Many of the foundation's projects are now hosted there and I guess this is probably in part due to that reason.

One of our goals for JKube is to make it community-driven and to have as many contributors as possible. So making the contributing process as easy and seamless as possible is part of the challenge. I do think that GH actions are a step forward in this area, since the integration is perfect and project forks don't even need to change/setup anything else if they want to run any of the pipelines in their fork.

Anyway, sorry for the spammy email, I just want to expose the reasoning behind my opinions in case the topic ever comes up for debate within the foundation.


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