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[] GitHub Actions CI Jobs

Hi Everyone,

I'm Marc, a project lead for Eclipse JKube [1].

For the last couple of days, the number of jobs that run concurrently for our GH action workflows have decreased drastically. Workflows which typically complete in < 20 minutes now take several hours (close to a day).

This happened too early in March after a few GH incidents which made some of our jobs remain stale for 36 hours (default timeout) consuming the concurrency quota. So given the previous experience, yesterday I opened a support ticket (#1074510) to see if we were being affected by the same issue.

I received a reply a few hours later indicating that the problem is that we are hitting concurrency limits at an organization level. I checked a few other Eclipse repositories and saw that other repositories were facing the same issue. Maybe this is related to the sunsetting of [3]?

I can't find any entries in the wiki [4] related to this topic, so here are a few open questions:
Are there any plans to increase the GH action resource quota? should we look at some other alternatives and migrate our jobs? is it possible that Eclipse self-hosts GH action runners [5] maybe using the same Azure resources used elsewhere?

Personally, since our project is hosted on GitHub, I like the use of GH actions because they integrate really well into our current contributor + PR workflow. Everything remains open and it's really simple to manage.



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