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Re: [] will be going away - March 31, 2021

Some great questions there, Ed.

First off, though, I'd like to clarify that in the case of deprecating/removing Bugzilla, Gerrit and MediaWiki, it is currently my thoughts about what I intend to propose, not a strong-armed directive. Removing is not proposed anymore, that one is happening. Now for some answers:

On 2020-12-19 4:16 a.m., Ed Willink wrote:

Will the migration from Bugzilla to GitLab be lossless in the same way that migration from CVS to GIT was pretty lossless?

Currently, bugs are imported, along with all comments and attachments. A link back to the original bug is also included. The biggest hurdle currently is that all issues and comments are attributed to the import user (Webmaster) with the name of the original author as part of the comment, which is far from ideal. We intend to address this [1]  Optionally, a comment can be added to the bug with a link to the GitLab issue.

Further will there be a set of very long term legacy links from all the long and short form Bugzilla URIs so that anyone browsing e.g. will find that the links work just as before, just linking to the GitLab Issue successor to the Bugzilla?

Yes, we will ensure that the current URLs for bugs work for a very, very long time. I am unsure about links to attachments, dependency trees and searches, however. Those will likely not work anymore.

In so far as the GitLab migration is actually, or suspected to be, less than 100% lossless will there be an automatic "see-also" in GitLab to direct back at the original Bugzilla perhaps hosted by

As mentioned, we plan on preserving for a very long time. Likely in a static HTML form. The imported bugs do contain a link back to the original bug.

Thanks for the questions,



On 18/12/2020 17:17, Mickael Istria wrote:

On Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 6:00 PM Denis Roy <denis.roy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Yes, GitLab supports issue dependency, even across repositories /
projects. See this as an example, where GitLab issue #1 is blocked by
Technology/Dash issue #146

Great, I stand corrected and see that as a major benefit of GitLab. That removes the main concern I got about such a migration away from Bugzilla!

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