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[] will be going away - March 31, 2021

Hello All,

A quick update from the Infra desk:

== shutdown == was set up at a time before Hudson CI, when some projects were using it for CruiseControl. It was our first Hudson host and it paved the way to builds and CI at Although it's been upgraded numerous times over the years, it's reached the end of its practical life and must be retired.

As most of the services have been removed, the concept of "" is no longer relevant.  It is still used as a storage and serving location for Nightly Builds by some projects, however.  If your projects is using for anything, please make the necessary arrangements to use a different service.

== GitLab is open for business ==

Our GitLab instance, running at is open for business. Projects can request a migration (from GitHub or by filing an issue [1] Some additional migration info can be found here [2]

Migration is not mandatory at this time. However, in an effort to consolidate, modernize and streamline our infra, we plan on deprecating the usage of Bugzilla, MediaWiki and Git/Gerrit early in 2021, for retirement in late 2022.  By the 2023, we hope that the only two development platforms for Eclipse projects are GitLab and GitHub.

== Bugzilla, MediaWiki and Git/Gerrit deprecated in early 2021 ==

Please see above "GitLab is open for business".

== Improved mail and mailing list infra ==

We are currently working on an improved (and modernized) mail infra for our mailing lists. The current stack is rather old, which is becoming increasingly problematic for mailing list delivery.  Expect some news in the new year.

== Holiday Shutdown ==

The Eclipse Foundation will be closed from December 23 through January 4. Webmasters, WebDevs and Release Engineers will monitor activity lightly and intervene only if necessary, as is customary for the period.

Thanks for reading. if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at

On behalf of all of us at the Eclipse Foundation, stay warm, stay safe, and all the best for the holiday season!





Denis Roy

Director, IT Services | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

Eclipse Foundation: The Platform for Open Innovation and Collaboration

Twitter: @droy_eclipse

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