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[] Gerrit ECA Validation Update

Dear Committers,

We are planning to install a new version of our Gerrit ECA validation plugin this week in an effort to reduce errors when a contribution is validated.

With this update, we are moving our validation logic to our new ECA Validation API that we created for our new Gitlab instance.

We are planning to push these changes live on Wednesday, December 9 at 16:00 GMT, though there is no planned downtime associated with this update.

Please note that we are also planning to apply these changes to our GitHub ECA validation service in Q1 2020. We will send a notice about that once we are ready to make the change.

For those interested, the code for the API and the plugin are open-source and can be seen at and

Please use to discuss any concerns or issues with this change.

Christopher Guindon
Manager, Web DevelopmentĀ | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
Eclipse Foundation: The Platform for Open Innovation and Collaboration
Twitter: @chrisguindon

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