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[] Update: Eclipse infrastructure.

Hi Everyone,

  We'd like to make you all aware of some upcoming changes and maintenance in our infrastructure.

Firstly we're introducing a new mail server(  We'll be slowly starting to direct more traffic to the new machine until it is handling all of our mail traffic.  Starting in January we'll begin publishing DKIM/DMARC records which should help resolve the delivery issues some of you have been seeing.  The catch is that once we publish those records for we'll need to change the configuration for all of our mailing lists so that messages will be sent 'from the list' rather than 'from the poster'. 

Secondly, the transition of project vservers from the to the domain is here(   We'll be providing redirects to ease the transition, so you should only need to update your services/certificates to reflect the new domain name, if you haven't already done so.

Lastly we have some new networking switches that we're going to try and install over the Christmas break.  While there shouldn't be any measurable downtime with this, it's possible that there will be short periods where things will not respond while we move wires between the old and new hardware.

As always if you have any concerns please contact the Webmaster team.


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