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[] Action required: mirror size


As is mirrored worldwide, is it important to keep your download footprint to a minimum. Most of our mirror sites are also host to a number of OSS projects, and enterprise disk space is not cheap. Some strategies to note:

- Nightly, weekly, milestone and RC builds should be deleted

- Older releases must be moved to If moved into the same directory structure, links typically do not need to be updated, as our 404 Not Found handlers will look for the file in the archives before throwing the error.

- Please use this compiled Archive index (courtesy of the Oomph team) to find your project's mirror footprint:

The risk of not cleaning up is significant. Mirrors, looking to liberate disk space, will simply purge the worst offenders, and with fewer mirror sites offering Eclipse bits, our servers must handle more downloads, which means unnecessary expense for the Eclipse Foundation.

Many thanks for your cooperation.



Denis Roy

Director, IT Services | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

Eclipse Foundation: The Platform for Open Innovation and Collaboration

Twitter: @droy_eclipse

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