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Re: [] Experience using GitHub verus Hosted Git

Thanks for the link about Coverity and Travis.

I started working on getting Coverity set up on HIPP, but it got a bit complex. The instructions ( at the Coverity site are out of date. The next step would be to install Coverity locally. This is a low priority item for me, so I have not pushed to get it completed. See My notes are at


On 4/5/16 11:32 PM, Oliver Kopp wrote:

2016-03-29 21:01 GMT+02:00 Steve Northover <snorthov@xxxxxxxxxx>:

Rather, I'm interested in things like GitHub Issues versus Bugzilla.
The great benefit of GitHub I see is the good integration of code
quality services:

  * Codacy  - Statics analysis and code coverage tool -
  * CodeCov - Code coverage by tests -
  * Covertiy Scan - Static code analysis -
  * Teamscale (upon negotiation with the company) - Static code
analysis -


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