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[] The nature of the mailing list

I've received a not-insignificant number of unsubscribe requests for the mailing list, so I thought that I'd take a minute to explain why this list exists and how it works.

The mailing list is intended as a means for committers to communicate with each other on topics of matter to committers. IMHO Steve's recent discussion is an excellent example of how this communication channel can be used to very effectively exchange ideas about important concepts and services, and improve linkages within the committer community.

Membership in the mailing list--like a handful of other mailing lists--is automatic based on your state in our database. If you're a committer on any Eclipse, LocationTech, or PolarSys open source project, you'll end up on the list. The list membership is regenerated by a script every night.

The only way that you can be removed from the list is for either your project lead or EMO to retire you as committer. Project leads: you can use the committer management functionality in the Developer Portal [1] to retire committers; as a matter of practice, please only retire committers who are either long absent from the project or who explicitly request to be retired.

There are other channels that are similar but have slightly different focuses.

The cross-project-issues-dev list [2] is a great place to discuss matters that span project boundaries; all project teams should have at least one representative on this opt-in list. If your project is participating (or plans to participate) in the annual simultaneous release, then you absolutely must be on this list.

The incubation mailing list [3] is a resource for new project teams to connect more seasoned members of our committer community, including the Architecture Council. We automatically subscribe committers for new projects to this opt-in/out list, but everybody is welcome to join in that conversation.



Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
          France 2016

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