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Re: [] Wiki vandalism, broken database server

That's is much smoother, thanks!

Out of curiosity, wouldn't requiring a single edit instead of 10 
provide the "first-post" moderation that was originally planned?
If that strategy is working on the forums, would it not work
for the wiki?

Thanks again!
From: [] on behalf of Webmaster(Matt Ward) [webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: January 7, 2016 1:31 PM
Subject: Re: [] Wiki vandalism, broken database server

Hi Folks,

  I just wanted to update you on the current state of wiki moderation.
Based on the comments here I've created a 'contributors' group which
allows its members to bypass moderation.  Using Mediawikis auto-promote
feature users will be transparently added to that group if they meet the
following conditions:

1) They have more than 10 edits
2) Their account hasn't been banned.

That means that most of you will no longer experience moderation.  New
users will still be subject to moderation until they pass the 10 edit
mark.  Fortunately the moderation extension holds edits separately so
spammers shouldn't be able to game things by simply proposing a huge
pile of edits(only approved edits increase the actual edit count).

I've asked a couple of people to test this and it seems to work as I
expect, so I think we're in good shape now, but if you see spam please
report it.


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