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Re: [] Wiki vandalism, broken database server

On 01/05/2016 12:27 PM, Marc Khouzam wrote:
> the moderation of the wiki is repeatedly triggering for me.  I thought it was a "first-post" moderation?
The wiki moderation extension works a little differently than the forums
moderation.  What we've been been doing is using the extensions 'approve
all' feature for recognized committers which according to the docs
should mean that further edits that match the username + IP that was
approved shouldn't be subject to further moderation. It's possible that
isn't working as expected.
> Out of curiosity, is there a way to turn off moderation for a particular page or set of pages (e.g, a URL path prefix)?
I didn't see anything in the docs to indicate that this was possible,
it's an all or nothing approach.


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