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Re: [] Wiki vandalism, broken database server


the moderation of the wiki is repeatedly triggering for me.  I thought it was a "first-post" moderation?

Out of curiosity, is there a way to turn off moderation for a particular page or set of pages (e.g, a URL path prefix)?


From: [] on behalf of Denis Roy [denis.roy@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: December 21, 2015 2:15 PM
Subject: [] Wiki vandalism, broken database server


On Friday, Dec. 18 the Eclipse Wiki was attacked by a distributed spam
bot/person which has led to significant vandalism. Fortunately, Matt and
I were in the office and put a stop to it.

We've locked down the Wiki to prevent editing, and we're currently
working on removing the garbage. In a few hours we will be allowing
edits again.

Moving forward we'll investigate using a moderation plugin, where a
defined set of people will be tasked with moderating everyone's first
edits (we'll ask for your help with this later). This first-post
moderation strategy has been effective on our Forums for many years,
preventing tons of junk from polluting our data.

Unrelated, on Saturday our database slave server suffered page
corruption and the database server went out-of-sync with the master.

We've been re-syncing the bad data from the master and although both
servers are now in perfect sync, we'll continue to rely only on the
master server for mission-critical data. Once we're confident that the
slave is stable, we'll reintroduce it to the world. In the meanwhile,
there may be a performance penalty to Bugzilla, but with the Xmas season
upon us, we're confident this will be barely noticeable.

Thanks for your patience while we deal with these unexpected issues. On
behalf of everyone at the Eclipse Foundation, we wish you happy holidays
& all the best for the new year.

Your friendly neighborhood webmasters.
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