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[] Committers, we need your help - Eclipse Mars Endgame

Greetings eclipse-committers,

as (most of) you know, Eclipse Mars started collecting automated error reports from IDE users and sends them back to for further analysis. The results of this analysis are available at [1] and are accessible to all Eclipse committers.

There are currently around 3000 active issues reported for the Eclipse IDE - of which ~400 issues occur in the Platform code. Some of these error reports may rather be verbose log messages than real errors. However, reports like NullPointerExceptions or IndexOutOfBoundsExceptions are likely a sign for a bug - and this is where we need your help. Since the amount of error reports is too high to be triaged by a small team, we (the Architecture Council) kindly ask you (All Eclipse Committers) to help triaging issues and providing fixes for the Platform - and other projects you care for and if your time permits.

We prepared a list of Platform candidate issues [2] to review and we’d be glad if you would take a look at the error reports linked there. There are ~150 NullPointerExceptions reported and it would be great if you could just pick one or two, start triaging them, and - if they are actually bugs - create a bug report for them (using the link “Create Bug” as shown below). The ultimate goal, of course, would be a fix submitted via Gerrit.

Other projects certainly appreciate your help as well. To get you started, the web app offers a few quick starter queries on its welcome page which bring you to the list of open issues for your projects. 

In case you have any questions regarding how to start with the error reporting web system, please have a look at the manual [5] or contact me by email or twitter [6]. If you have questions about issues reported for platform, please send your emails to platform-ui-dev [3] - or start working directly in bugzilla.

Your help in making Eclipse Mars a great release would be more than appreciated!


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