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[] SSH Key issues

Hi Folks,

Recently some committers have been reporting host fingerprint warnings when using ssh to connect to We've been digging and it appears that about a year ago each of the servers that back generated a new ECDSA key(likely as a result of patching ssh), which has resulted in these warnings(when you are switched between servers). We've worked to unify these to a single key for all the systems, which should result in this error going away.

I also noticed that our RSA key is pretty crusty so I've generated a new one with a longer length. This means that you should expect to get a ssh key warning tomorrow when this key is deployed. You can use the following fingerprint


to verify that it's still '' your client is talking to.

We've also taken this opportunity to make some tweaks to the sshd config to remove some weaker ciphers and generally clean up a little.

If you have any problems please let me know.


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