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[] Gerrit, Bugzilla upgrades, Kepler release & Ottawa celebrations

Greetings committers and project leads,

Gerrit Upgrade

We wouldn't normally upgrade a key piece of infrastructure before our annual release, but in order to align with our deployment of CLAs[1] we'll be upgrading our Gerrit Code Review[2] to the latest version during the Kepler Quiet Week[3] on Monday, June 17th,  .  We've already tested it to be functional in our environment, therefore the upgrade isn't expected to take more than an hour or so.  Please comment on this issue in bug 408640[4].


Bugzilla Upgrade

Bugzilla 4.4 was released recently[1], introducing new features and performance & security fixes.  We'll upgrade to that version shortly after Kepler has shipped.  We'll keep you informed on that front.


Kepler Release

Even if your project is not participating in the Kepler annual release train, you can still help to ensure the release is smooth and successful. Testing the developer packages[1] now would obviously be the most helpful.  Cleaning up your project's download area of unneeded builds, and moving older releases to the archives[2], helps ensure a small footprint on our mirrors.


Kepler Release Celebrations in Ottawa

I'd like to invite all the Ottawa/Montreal Eclipse committers to a Kepler Release celebration on June 26, around 1:00pm.  We used to do this many moons ago (pun intended) and it was always great fun.  Please RSVP to kepler-party@xxxxxxxxxxx so we can plan the location.  Tentatively, we'll host this at the Royal Oak on Centrepointe Drive.

Of course, Eclipse committers from everywhere are more than welcome to join if they happen to be in the area!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx



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