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[] Javadoc vulnerability, Kepler release + celebration


A frame injection vulnerability has been discovered in generated Javadoc, and we've addressed it in bug 411128 [1].  A tool is available[2] that allows you to fix your Javadoc without regenerating it.

If you're not using our servers for building, or if you're generating Javadoc offsite, please use the latest JDK to do so, or fix your Javadoc before uploading it to  We will scan for bad Javadoc periodically.

Thanks to everyone who's cleaned up their downloads and archives areas.  This helps ensure our mirrors don't run out of disk space with the addition of Kepler GA.  Please let us know if we can help in this area.

For those joining us for the Ottawa celebrations, please note the new location on this page:



[1]  Committers/bug triagers only

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