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[] Eclipse Server & Infra update


Here's a quick update from the Eclipse Webmaster's desk:

1. More bandwidth
2. Bugzilla upgrade
3. Forums upgrade
4. Disk space

1. More bandwidth
Just in time for the Indigo release, we've increased our bandwidth by 20%, to 120Mbps.  This should definitely help p2 responsiveness as it fetches the repo content jars.  We've also limited the number of concurrent syncs from mirrors to 15 to avoid draining bandwidth used by general downloads.

2. Bugzilla upgrade
Bugzilla 4.0.1 was recently released, so we'll be staging an upgrade as soon as Indigo is out the door.  Please see: for details. 

Bugzilla's stability has been stellar since the hardware upgrades that have occurred in the years past; despite the occasional email notification glitch, Bugzilla's services have been available 100% since June 2009 -- 22 months!

3. Forums upgrade
I've been working on upgrading our aging forums software.  My last attempt had failed, but I will be trying again in a few short hours.  I'm confident this upgrade will succeed.

4. Disk space
I'd like to thank everyone for helping preserve disk space on our servers, especially in the downloads area, on Hudson workspaces and in the /shared area of the build server.

The following users have fairly large Home directories.  If you've made this list, we encourage you to clean up your home directory, and to use /shared as a working directory/scratch pad instead:

6.6G    aigdalov
1.9G    akurtakov
1.1G    aloerke
2.4G    aoverholt
2.7G    atoulme
29G     egwin
2.2G    jpospycha
1.3G    kitlo
6.2G    kmoir
2.3G    ngervais
11G     ohurley
1.1G    pkrogh
1.7G    slee
4.1G    tware
1.4G    xgu
4.8G    ymesika

You can view Hudson/Build disk usage and load trend graphs here:

Thanks for reading.  If you have any comments or concerns, please forward them to us directly at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.


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