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[] Eclipse Board Member Elections

Dear Eclipse Committer,

As you may know, the Eclipse Foundation is electing new Committer Representatives to its Board of Directors.  Not all committers are eligible to vote: only members of the Foundation can vote in the election.  Committers who work for a member company are automatically members.

If you have already received your voting credentials, you can cast your vote at any time. 

If you're not a member, you do not work for a member company and you wish to participate in the election, you must complete the membership agreement and fax it to 1 212 918 1619:

There are fields you need to complete on page 1, 7 and Exhibit C (Signature and Checkbox).  Please note that you are not required to become a member, but membership is required to cast a vote.

For more information on the upcoming election, please visit: .  If you have any questions about the election or the election process, please contact emo@xxxxxxxxxxx.

-- The Eclipse Management Organization


Eclipse Webmaster

EclipseCon 2011, March 21-24

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