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[] Upcoming Reviews, Dec. 8-15/2010

Greetings folks. Sorry, I'm a little late with this notice.

We have a couple of reviews running from Dec. 8-15.

15 Dec 10 EGit 0.10.0 Release Review 
15 Dec 10 JGit 0.10.0 Release Review 
15 Dec 10 Code Recommenders Creation Review 
15 Dec 10 Sapphire 0.1 Release Review 
15 Dec 10 Sapphire 0.2 Release Review 
We've also recently posted a new project proposal.
Using existing EclipseRT technologies, the RT Packaging project [1] will create one or more EPP-like packages for setting up a runtime platform for different platforms and architectures. These packages will be based on a common structure. In addition, a user friendly configuration tool will be built to create and extend the packages.
As always, your comments are welcome on the communication channel noted in the proposal.

Committers and project leads: remember that there is lots of information available on the wiki [2]. I've added a few new links to try and make information a little easier to find. In particular, I've added some links to the page [3] that describes the various project meta-data fields that project committers can provide values for in the Developer portal. I'm always trying to make things a little better for committers, so please let me know if you're having trouble finding information. Even better, if you figure something out and can make it incrementally better for everybody else, please feel free to make the changes yourself.

Incubating projects, be sure to leverage your mentors!



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