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[] Eclipse infra update: Bugzilla Upgrade, Hudson disk space demystified, Holiday Maintenance Schedule


Here's a quick note to inform you about some upcoming maintenance to the servers.

Bugzilla Upgrade

Over the Christmas holidays[1] we will be upgrading Bugzilla to the latest release (Bugzilla 3.6.3).  A
specific date has not been determined yet, but will be communicated to you via this list later on.

You can read all about the new features in Bugzilla 3.6.x here:

Hudson/Build Disk Space Demystified

We have many hard disk arrays at and we try to put them all to good use to help improve build performance -- at the cost of some complexity.  Therefore, I've put together a simple chart (attached) which should help you better understand our disk layout, how much space we have, where specific content should go, and where you need to clean up frequently.

This chart is part of the Hudson docs:

Hudson/Build disk failure requires outage

A hard disk has failed on one of the arrays that hosts the files for, as well as the /shared area on the build server.  Unfortunately, the system is not accepting the newly transplanted replacement drive, so we will need to take the array (along with Hudson and the Build server) offline.  We will do this over the Christmas holiday week, between Dec. 26 and Jan. 1.  Specific dates have not been determined yet, but will be communicated to you via this list later on.

Thanks for reading.  If you have any questions or concerns, please ask us directly at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.


[1] The week between Christmas and New Year's day
(Dec. 26-Jan 1) has traditionally been the week with the absolute lowest amount of activity for us; therefore, we estimate it is the best week to perform maintenance.

Eclipse Webmaster

EclipseCon 2011, March 21-24

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