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Release Review Documentation for 0.2

Sapphire aims to raise UI writing to a higher level of abstraction. The core premise is that the basic building block of UI should not be a widget (text box, label, button, etc.), but rather a property editor. Unlike a widget, a property editor analyzes metadata associated with a given property, renders the appropriate widgets to edit that property and wires up data binding. Data is synchronized, validation is passed from the model to the UI, content assistance is made available, etc.


  • Modeling framework to describe the data that UI will be built for.
  • A system for binding models to XML/DOM, including specific integration with the WTP XML editor. This system makes it easy to deliver form-based editors on top of XML files that have live bi-directional updates between the form view and the source view.
  • UI framework, with an XML-based UI definition parser and support for a variety of commonly-used parts.
  • Renderer for SWT with mature rendering for all UI parts.


Release themes, priorities and features are listed in the plan document.

Non-Code Aspects


There is no declared API in this release as both the API and the API policy are still evolving. Separation between API and internal code does exist. Documentation is improving.


The following chart summarizes bugs targetted to this release as of the last update of this document. Click through to see an updated view.


  • 2010-12-15 RC1
  • 2011-01-04 RC2
  • 2011-01-10 Final


Talk proposal submitted to EclipseCon 2011. All discussion happens on open channels of developer mailing list, adopter forum and bugzilla.

Actively looking for an initial adopter at Eclipse.


  • Konstantin Komissarchik (Oracle)
  • Ling Hao (Oracle)

IP Log

The project leadership verifies that the Eclipse IP policies and procedures have been followed

IP Log

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