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[] Upcoming Reviews: releases and terminations

Greetings folks.

The Jubula project [1] creation review completed successfully today. Congratulations to the Jubula team.

We're starting a couple of new reviews today that will run until Dec. 1. First up is the Papyrus [2] project's 0.7.0 release review. Next up is something a little out of the ordinary. The Web Tools Incubator has requested a release review for one of its components: the JPA Diagram Editor [3]. Ultimately, this component will likely move to the Dali project, but due to scheduling concerns, we are accommodating this minor deviation from the EDP. The discussion that led us to this decision can be found in the Web Tools PMC mailing list archive [4].

Finally, there are several termination reviews scheduled for the Technology project [5], specifically: Maynstall, Albiero, Open Requirements Management Framework (ORMF), Glimmer, Apogee, Summer of Code, and Spaces. Following a successful review, these projects will be terminated and archived.

The Eclipse Code Recommenders [6] and OSGi Enterprise Tools [7] projects are getting ready to start creation reviews.

As always, more information is available on the Projects "What's new" page [8].



Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation
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