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[] Upcoming reviews and other news

Greetings folks. The following review is scheduled for the week of Nov 17-24:

24 Nov 10 Jubula Creation Review 
Objectives of the Jubula project:
  • Provide tooling for testers and developers to do automated GUI testing on Java and HTML based applications.
  • Specify and maintain a model for test specifications and a persistance layer for the model elements.
  • Provide API for interested projects to generate test scenarios, execute automated tests and get results from these tests.
  • Integrate with other projects to get information to create test scenarios and submit results. This includes tracing changes made by other projects to their data and mirroring these changes back to the test scenarios.
The restructuring of the Mylyn project is well underway. The Eclipse Board of Directors approved the charter for the new Mylyn Application Lifecycle Management (ALM); this promotion is being rolled together with the restructuring that was approved by the EMO in April. The restructuring and termination of DSDP is also well underway, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Please take a few minutes to review the the Code Recommenders [1] and OSGi Enterprise Tools [2] proposals.

You can keep track of work being done on project proposals and reviews through Bugzilla (Community/Proposals and Reviews) [3].




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