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[] Upcoming Reviews and More

Hey folks. There's a lot going on in Eclipse projects this week. Most notably, we have scheduled a Restructuring Review for the DSDP Top Level Project. Specifically:

* The DSDP will be terminated and archived;
* Blinki will be terminated and archived;
* Device Debugging (DD) will be terminated and archived;
* Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ) moves to become subproject of Sequoyah;
* Native Application Builder (NAB) will be terminated and terminated;
* Real-Time Software Components (RTSC) moves to Technology;
* Sequoyah moves to Tools;
* TCF splits from TM and becomes a new subproject of CDT; and
* The rest of TM moves to Tools

For more information, see

The following reviews are scheduled:

29 Sep 10 Sequoyah Restructuring Review 
29 Sep 10 The Eclipse Process Framework Project 1.5.1 Release Review 
29 Sep 10 Mobile Tools for Java Restructuring Review 
29 Sep 10 _javascript_ for EMF (JS4EMF) Creation Review 
29 Sep 10 Blinki Termination Review 
29 Sep 10 Tools for Mobile Web Creation Review 
29 Sep 10 Native Application Builder Termination Review 
29 Sep 10 eBAM 0.7.0 Release Review 
29 Sep 10 Device Debugging Termination Review 
29 Sep 10 Graphiti 0.7.0 Release Review 
29 Sep 10 Real-Time Software Components Restructuring Review 
29 Sep 10 DSDP Restructuring and Termination Review 
29 Sep 10 Target Management Restructuring Review 
We'd also like to announce the new eTrice project proposal. The eTrice project will strive to deliver state of the art tooling and target middleware for the model driven development of industry quality event driven real-time software. Emphasis will be laid on the usablity of tooling, produced code and middleware in real industry projects. For more information, please see the project proposal at

For more information about upcoming reviews and proposals, please see



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