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[] Building and Testing

The Eclipse Foundation hosts a number of servers dedicated to builds and tests.  Below is some general information about these services:

This server is a standalone server dedicated to running builds and tests.  It is a Dual-Quad x86_64 Linux server with 24G of RAM, running SuSE Linux.  You can run your shellscript-based builds here.

If you wish to use for your project builds, you will need an SSH shell account.  Please open a bug against Community/Servers to request one.

Husdon CI -

Our Hudson CI environment consists of one master and two slave nodes (on Linux) and one Windows slave node for UI tests.  In the near future, we will add slave nodes to fully separate build and test activities.

The Hudson servers must access the Internet through  We have defined the proxy server settings in the shell and in the Hudson environments. If you override these settings or use tools that do not use these environment settings, you will need to configure your tools to access the Internet

If you wish to host your build on our Hudson instance, please open a bug against Community/Hudson and request a new job.

For more information on Hudson, please see and

If you have any questions related to our build infrastructure, or any other infra-related question, please don't hesitate to drop us a line at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.  We're here to help however we can.

Denis and Matt

Eclipse Summit Europe, Nov 2-4

Eclipse Webmaster

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