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[] Eclipse server infra update


We've taken advantage of the quiet summer months to perform some much needed maintenance on our server infrastructure.  Below is a short list of what has been done.

New dev/ servers

We've replaced our 5-node 2-cpu Itanium2 cluster with 2 nodes of 8-core AMD Opteron servers.  6 additional CPU cores will help speed up requests, and increased RAM from 8G per node to 48G and 32G will help improve cache hits and reduce load on storage devices.

Cisco CSS load-balancing devices (donated at EclipseCon 2009) allowed us to gradually and transparently switch to the new servers. We still have a few odds-and-ends to tie up, but the added performance and capacity is online now.

Many thanks to Intel for the new servers that liberated the AMD machines, and Google for the massive amounts of RAM.

New Hudson instance

As Matt has already communicated, Hudson has graduated from the 'experimental' stage is now fully supported by Eclipse Webmasters.  For more information, please see Matt's recent post to this list:

Many thanks to IBM for the new x3550 servers, packed with 36G of RAM and fast disk arrays.

Upgraded Build server

For those who prefer to build without Hudson, the OS on has been upgraded to the latest SuSE Linux Entreprise Server 11 SP1.

Many thanks to Novell for the free licenses for SLES.

What's next

Updated versions of Bugzilla, ViewVC and Forums are planned for the near future.  We will advise ahead of time if there are any planned outages.

If you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to contact either Matt or I at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.



Eclipse Summit Europe, Nov 2-4

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