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Hi Everyone,

As some of you are aware we have a Hudson CI instance running on During the run up to Helios we had pretty poor stability, so we decided to use the hardware donated by our members to assemble a first class Hudson deployment.

And now it's ready for you to use. The new instance can be found here: . There have been a few changes from the way our previous instance was setup, two of which are listed below.

1) Limited plugins. In order to keep things as stable as possible we pared down the installed plugins(see bug 320543 for more details). 2) Sandbox instance. We've created a sandbox instance here: . You'll be able to get plugins installed here with little effort.

If you have jobs on our 'old' Hudson instance, we can move them to the new instance. Just file a bug against Hudson and request your job be moved, once it has been you can disable your job on the 'old' instance (just check the 'Disable Build' box in your jobs configuration).

I've updated the documentation on the wiki( with some more details about the new setup.

Questions?  Just drop me a line.



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