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[] Do you know anyone who wants to triage bugs they do not own?

And, no, I am not actually asking for volunteers ... yet :)

But I do want to make committers aware of a new process and policy that allows non-committers to be authorized to be "bug triage specialists".

This doesn't come up often, but occasionally non-committers have volunteered (or been assigned) to do some heavy duty bug triage over a long period of time. For example, they may want or need to go through a several hundred old bugs to test if they are still reproducible on current releases. If they are, they may want to make some changes to the bug that normally only committers or owners can make (such as, move to a new component or change assignee field). Or if the bug is not reproducible, they may want to close the bug as "worksforme".  

In some cases of course, people playing this role may deserve to be full fledged committers. But in other cases, the people doing this work may not have the background, history, experience, or desire to be a committer on each and every project for which they triage bugs. And if they are not accessing code repositories, contributing Intellectual Property, or contributing to the decisions and direction of the project, there is no need for the relatively heavy weight process of them becoming a committer.

So, there is a new lighter-weight process to get "BugTriage" authorization. See

While the details and circumstances of using this will vary from project to project, this is intended to be used primarily for cases where people are spending lots of time doing this type of triage work, over a long period of time, and have earned the trust of committers they work closely with. Anyone and everyone is still very welcome and encouraged to triage what ever bugs they want, in the traditional way, simply commenting in the bug whatever results were found, and recommendations for changes to appropriate fields. If someone is doing only a few dozen bugs for only several weeks, this traditional method works fine. But, if they are doing this many hours each week over many months, for hundreds of bugs, they deserve the recognition, permissions, and efficiency this new authorization can give.

If questions, please check with your Project Lead, PMC, or ask in bug 265880 (


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