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Re: [] Updating Project Websites and the new Nova default template

Thanks for the reminder, Chris.

To give credit where credit is due, Heiko Behrens and the kind folks on the Xtext project designed this template for their website. I simply hacked it to make the annotated blank template you see at (for bug 235828).


Chris Aniszczyk wrote:
I've had a few people approach me about the new Nova [1] template
(they had no idea it existed) so I figure I would share the knowledge
with the committer populace at Eclipse.

There's a new default Nova template located here:

You can simply start with that and modify it to your liking.

Here's a few projects using the template at Eclipse:

As we get closer to Helios, it may be a good time to give your project
site some love.

[1] -


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