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Language Development made Easy!

Building your own domain-specific languages has never been so easy. Just put your grammar in place and you not only get the working parser and linker but also first class Eclipse support.

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What is Xtext?

Xtext is a framework for development of programming languages and domain specific languages.

It covers all aspects of a complete language infrastructure, from parsers, over linker, compiler or interpreter to fully-blown top-notch Eclipse IDE integration. It comes with great defaults for all these aspects which at the same time can be easily tailored to your individual needs.

A Selection Of Supported Features


Syntax Coloring

Out of the box, the editor supports syntax coloring based on the lexical structure and the semantic data of your files. Users are free to customize the highlighting and configure their favorite styles.


Content Assist

An Xtext editor proposes valid code completions at any place in the document, helping your users with the syntactical details of your language.


Validation and Quick Fixes

Xtext has outstanding support for static analysis and validation of your models. It has never been so easy to define constraints to tackle errors and warnings in your code instantaneously. With custom quick fixes you can correct these with a single keystroke.


Advanced Java Integration

If your language targets the JVM, you'll love the Java support Xtext provides. You get fully statically typed expressions right embedded in your DSL and can refer to any Java type.


Integration with other Eclipse tools

Xtext provides a rich API to work with resources. Therefore developing additional graphical and structural views is comparably easy.


More IDE Features

Xtext's advanced Eclipse integration goes far beyond the editor. You will not feel any difference between your language and Java.