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[] Major pserver CVS change soon


In order to provide a better CVS service to committers, anonynous pserver CVS will be served from a shadow copy of the live CVS data starting December 11/2009.  This means that pserver CVS will not be in perfect sync with SSH CVS.  This change is required to solve/mitigate two distinct problems:

1. Anonynous CVS (pserver) can lock files for long periods of time. Tagging large trees may be difficult.
2. Numerous pserver connections can generate noticeable disk activity, thus making SSH access slower.

EXCEPTION: anonymous pserver CVS from within the firewall will remain unchanged (ie, it will be served from the live data).  This includes itself,, and all the project vservers.

Please note that we're not trying to make it more difficult to access pserver CVS.  We simply want to ensure that anonymous requests do not block committer operations.

Please see for more information, or to discuss the issue.

Denis Roy
Manager, IT Infrastructure
Eclipse Foundation, Inc. --

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