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[] Infra news: CVS slow, Nightly builds on Amazon, git


1. CVS/SVN slow

You may have noticed that CVS and SVN have been slowing down lately. The disk arrays hosting these files are very busy, partly because the entire world is doing all kinds of stuff with anonymous (pserver) CVS.  Because many teams use pserver for builds, I cannot offer a better class of service for committers.

I am proposing a solution on this bug:  Essentially, I want to use a shadow (delayed) copy of CVS for pserver access. Please take a moment to read it and/or comment, because something will have to change to fix this.

2. Nightly/Integration builds on Amazon AWS

As you may know, we try to exclude Nightly and I-builds from being mirrored, since they make our mirror size very large and require lots of bandwidth to mirror (but get very few downloads).  However, downloading a Nighly build from can be challenging.

I have since altered the way we sync to our Amazon AWS service.  We now sync every 2 hours to AWS, and AWS contains everything on  If you need a Nightly build, getting it from AWS is your best bet.

3. git mirror of Eclipse CVS

In bug 280583 I am working on providing a read-only git mirror of Eclipse projects.  Part of the discussion revolves around structuring the git repositories, and I will likely be using the project meta-data to map project<->cvs directories.

Please take a moment to ensure your 'source repository' meta-data is current in the Portal.

As usual, thanks for your help!


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