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[] [Survey] What is appropriate use of this list ?

Dear committers,

I created this site to sum up the opinions of those of you who took time to express themselves about "What is appropriate use of this list ?"

On this site, you will find the survey (still active so feel free to submit), and an embedded version of this spreadsheet ( with charts**, because we love charts as much as screenshots : )

For the moment 60 people have answered : about 6.5% of this list - which is not very representative ( I had to point this out ).

I will also add the additionnal proposals in a near future.

Kind regards,
PS** : Charts are in Flash, I'll also add pictures version to let anyone view them.
PPS : I created a new thread to be sure to let everyone participate ( even people who filtered the previous conversations )

Dear committers,

I read a lot of good proposal so far and I would like to get everyone's opinion. To make this debate more democratic I created a little survey so everyone could express its opinion without ruining the entire list : )

Please just fill in and submit this small form :

You could view the results here :
and even subscribe to the changes in your favorite RSS reader :

I'll make a summary of the survey to let you know what *you* think about all that.

I hope this e-mail to be valuable to the entire community and express my apologies to people fed up with this thread.

Kind regards,

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