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Re: [] Re: Contributed flag for patches

I would suggest as well that we need a "committed" flag to each bug. People may contribute patches which don't ultimately get applied, but it's much easier housekeeping if they are marked as "contributed" at the time they come in as opposed to the time they are applied (if you want to get super fancy, cross reference the Bugzilla login with the committer database and auto-flag non-committer patches as contributed). Then you can do nice things like follow up on all fixed bugs with contributed patches but for which there was no patch marked applied, just in case people forgot to go back and mark it as such when the bug was resolved.

I'll add my comment to the bugzilla.


Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT Team
IBM Toronto

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[] Re: Contributed flag for patches

We're sorry that you find IP logs a punishment, but we also sympathize with you and the other project leads. Thus Janet and I rushed out and implemented an automated IP log mechanism ( - it's alive and be used already and you are welcome to use it to submit your IP logs now, today.

Janet and I are continuing to improve the automated IP log system as fast as we can and we welcome *all* suggestions, requests, pleas, complaints, and tirades. I like your contributed flag suggestion and I added my comment to your bug and will implement it in the automated IP logs code.

We look forward to more sinning by you but less karmic punishment (by us) as a result,
- Bjorn

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