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Re: [] Re: Contributed flag for patches

On 22.05.2008 18:22, Chris Recoskie wrote:
I would suggest as well that we need a "committed" flag to each bug.
 People may contribute patches which don't ultimately get applied,
but it's much easier housekeeping if they are marked as "contributed"
at the time they come in as opposed to the time they are applied (if
you want to get super fancy, cross reference the Bugzilla login with
the committer database and auto-flag non-committer patches as
contributed). Then you can do nice things like follow up on all fixed
bugs with contributed patches but for which there was no patch marked
applied, just in case people forgot to go back and mark it as such
when the bug was resolved.

This all sounds nice. But, as I take it, all these flags would have to be set manually. Is that correct? If this would be the case, wouldn't setting the flag be forgotten accidentally?

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