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[] WebMaster Update

1. Work request tracking system

2. Website statistics

3. Website search

4. ACLs and committer access

5. Bugzilla upgrade postponed

1. Work request tracking system

In response to, we
have sandboxed OTRS, a work request tracking system.

We will be declining work requests to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx and Bugzilla
components in favor of this system so we can determine if it's
appropriate for our environment. Please comment on the use of this
system in the above bug.

In order to test the new ticket system you have a couple of options.
You can send an email to infra-support@xxxxxxxxxxx which will
automatically create a new ticket and reply with your new ticket number.
 Or committers can log in at
using their cvs account information and using the web interface they can
create a new ticket.

To track the status of your ticket you must login to, at which point you will be able
to search tickets, examine tickets you have and update your ticket

2. Website statistics

Matt installed Webalizer so you can gather some website statistics.  You
can get to these in the Committer Tools
(  Please open tickets if you have
any comments.

3. Website search

Did you know you can use our search engine on your project website to
search your project's resources specifically?  Here's a sample form
(also in the Committer Tools "How do I?" section):

<form method="get" action="/search/search.cgi">
    <input type="hidden" name="ul" value="/ajdt" />
    <input type="hidden" name="wf" value="574a74" />
    <input type="text" name="q" value="" />
    <input type="submit" value="Search AJDT!" />

The above form will restrict search to any of our websites that have
/ajdt in the URL.  See for
more info.

4. ACLs and committer access

Committers and Project Leads using the SSH console should beware of
using ls -l to determine file permissions and ownership.  We use Access
Control Lists (ACLs) on some directories to manage multiple group owners
of files and directories.

You can run getfacl (dirname) to see the complete set of owners and

5. Bugzilla upgrade postponed

I was unable to set aside enough time to properly test the Bugzilla
upgrade to 2.20, so I postponed it.  The new date for the upgrade is
during our maintenance window this Sunday, Nov. 13/05 at 6:00am Eastern.

Thanks for your usual cooperation.



Eclipse WebMaster - webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx
Questions? Consult the FAQ at
View my status at

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