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[] Next Week: a Release Review, a New Proposal, a New Old Proposal, a Request, and a New Deadline

Release Review
A reminder to everyone that the TPTP 4.1 Release Review is Tuesday, November 8th at 1500 UTC (saying UTC nicely avoids the issue of daylight savings time and all that). The slides and Project Log are available on the website. The call in number is:
or   866.362.7064
passcode 874551#

Note: because the slides and Project Log were not available sufficiently far in advance, we will hold the review conference call, but we will not approve the project until the following week to allow any member who was unable to attend the call to express their concerns.

New Proposal
The membership-at-large is hereby notified of the intent of Bjorn and Ward to propose the Dash, Tools for Committer Community Project.

New Old Proposal
The Mascara proposal has been updated and renamed to Nebula.

Make EclipseCon your conference - read and review the submissions (or just the interesting ones) and add your voice and your votes to Eclipsezilla. Make sure the program committee knows what you are interested in seeing.

New Deadline
The EclipseCon talk proposals deadline has been extended to December 1st. Thanks to everyone who worked hard to get their proposals in early, but there's still time for the rest of you to propose a talk as well.

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