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Re: [] [modeling-pmc] Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework

It really looks quite dead to me.  It never got out of incubation.  No commit for almost 7 years.  No builds for 7 years.  And apparently no plans to ever do anything.   There are not many bugs, though apparently none get fixed either.

And given none get opened, it really must be incredibly high quality.   Alternatively, there really are not a lot of consumers notice problem or to be annoyed by the project's absence. 

And yes, terminating means archiving the assets, so no web site, no update sites, and no git repository.  Who are these people who would be annoyed?  Is that public information?

Minimally you need to do a yearly progress review.  But I would strongly suggest you do an actual graduation review.   Demonstrate that you can change the project's version numbers, can do a build, and can produce a new update site.  If that's not possible, then the project is pretty much dead in my opinion.

On 11.02.2022 17:27, Eike Stepper wrote:
Dear EMO,

Unfortunately the EDP (in section 6.2.6 "Archived") is rather unconcise about the term "inactive [project]".
It defines "inactive" as "either through dwindling resources or by reaching their natural conclusion".
But it clearly doesn't require a project to release frequently, or receive commits frequently, or be built frequently.

I find it a bit unfortunate that termination can be triggered by a background job on the basis outlined in your email below.



Am 11.02.2022 um 16:26 schrieb EMO EMO:
Dear PMC, 
The Requirements Modeling Framework project seems to be inactive.
- last release:  2016-03-01
- no commit in the last 12 months
- no CI build in the last 12 months

Unless you can provide additional information on the status of the project, I'll schedule a termination review in the upcoming days.
Thank you for your collaboration.

The Eclipse Management Organization | Eclipse Foundation

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