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Re: [] [modeling-pmc] Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework

Dear EMO,

Unfortunately the EDP (in section 6.2.6 "Archived") is rather unconcise about the term "inactive [project]".
It defines "inactive" as "either through dwindling resources or by reaching their natural conclusion".
But it clearly doesn't require a project to release frequently, or receive commits frequently, or be built frequently.

I find it a bit unfortunate that termination can be triggered by a background job on the basis outlined in your email below.



Am 11.02.2022 um 16:26 schrieb EMO EMO:
Dear PMC, 
The Requirements Modeling Framework project seems to be inactive.
- last release:  2016-03-01
- no commit in the last 12 months
- no CI build in the last 12 months

Unless you can provide additional information on the status of the project, I'll schedule a termination review in the upcoming days.
Thank you for your collaboration.

The Eclipse Management Organization | Eclipse Foundation

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