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[] We need Mentors for new projects

Greetings Eclipse Architecture Council.

As you know, mentoring new open source projects is a key role of the Eclipse Architecture Council. In order to engage in the creation review, a new project is required to have a single Architecture Council mentor. By way of clarification, any member of the Architecture Council may be a mentor.

In practice, the mentor role is very passive. We ask that mentors subscribe to the mentored project's primary communication channel (which is very often the dev list) and just generally monitor the project to make sure that the project team doesn't go too far off the rails while the new project teams learns how to work according to the Eclipse Development Process. Mentors are released from their duties when a project graduates.

We have many sources of information in place to help new projects, including the Eclipse Foundation Project Handbook, the Incubation Mailing List, and--of course--the EMO inbox.

When we need a new mentor, an EMO representative will create a record in Bugzilla against Community > Architecture Council. At some point in history, the mailing list was notified when these records were created, but--based on a cursory search of the mailing list archive--it appears that this is not currently the case. I will investigate.

Note that all members of the Architecture Council are automatically subscribed to the mailing list. The only way to remove yourself from this list is to resign from the council.

So here's the ask... I currently have projects that need mentors. I need volunteers. If you have a few cycles to spare passively monitoring the progress of a new project (and occasionally being available to help the project team understand their obligations under the EDP), it would be great if you could add a comment to one of those bugs indicating that you'd like to mentor.

We have a lot of very interesting projects that cover a broad number of cool technologies coming on board. This is a great chance to be part of that.

Note that Cydnie has moved on to a new opportunity and so is no longer monitoring the EMO Inbox. We've moved Maria Teresa to the Eclipse Projects Team and now she and I are taking care of the inbox. With this change, Maria Teresa will be investing significant energy into building relationships with new project teams and helping them come up to speed. 




Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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